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Gusto Pods – Honey Roasted – 20mg


Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of tobacco flavor draped over notes of nutty caramel and vanilla.


For those that want to keep it classic, but with a twist, look no further than Element’s tantalising and sophisticated Honey Roast Tobacco blend refill pods. A combination of luxurious caramel, roasted nut flavours, dashes of creamy vanilla and a core base of gorgeous honey roasted tobacco, this flavour combination will deliver the most exquisite of vape hits whatever the occasion. Taking crazy scientist type approach, Element E-liquid’s range of refill capsules are full of intensity, unusual notes and tones and an all round soothing flavours. With a natural nicotine salt base, Element’s e-liquid refill pods deliver an especially potent nicotine fix and are designed for use with the Aspire Mini Gusto device. They come in packs of three 2ml pods.


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