Jord Eliquid100ml Shortfill


UK brand, Jord e-liquids creates mouth-watering vape juices that range from dessert flavours like a sticky salted caramel vape to classic fruity flavours like blackcurrant and mixed berries. You’re spoiled for choice with affordable e-liquids that provide you with rich vape flavour that lingers longer after the exhale.


Salted Caramel : Jord Salted Caramel features a sticky caramel and topped with crusted sea salt. Enjoy sugary sweet flavours on the inhale followed by and salty flavour on the exhale.

Strawberry : Jord Strawberry features sun-kissed strawberry flavours throughout both the inhale and exhale. Enjoy fruity notes accompanied by subtle floral and candied notes.

Raspberry Blackcurranet : Jord Raspberry Blackcurrant features a decadently sweet blend red raspberry and blackcurrant. Enjoy simultaneously sweet and tangy flavours from raspberry on the inhale, followed by deeply rich flavours on the exhale from blackcurrant.

Redcurrant Cherry : Jord Redcurrant Cherry features a mixture of mixed berries finished off with sun-ripened cherries. Enjoy rich and wholesome notes from mixed berry flavours accompanied by sweet cherry on the exhale.

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Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry Blackcurrant, Redcurrant Cherry


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