American Melon – The juicy and aromatic American Melon bursting in your mouth will leave you craving for more and more. Enjoy the sweet and succulent taste of the ripest watermelon carefully blended to make up this masterpiece.

Brazilian Lime – Quench your thirst with our specially brewed Brazilian Lime. Imagine sipping an ice cold lime juice on a hot sunny beach. Truly heaven! Extremely refreshing and delightful taste for daily use. Trust me, you will be bedazzled with this unique creation!

British Berry – An extraordinary juice that were carefully blended to perfection giving it the taste that you will never forget. The taste of Grape Berry will burst inside your mouth with a wonderful sensation making you craving for more and more. this fabulous juice should be your daily companion every time you need a refreshing boost!

Japanese Peach – Revitalise yourself with our super delicious Japanese Peach. The sweet and succulent taste of fragrant peaches will linger in your mouth on every inhale and exhale.

Malaysian Mango – Enjoy this delicious Malaysian Mango, passionately brewed to create this magnificent flavor! This luscious juice without doubt will captivate your taste buds.