Jabuticaba – A dark grape superfruit found in Sao Paulo, Brazill. This is a rich grape flavour like no other, growing on the bark of the plant instead of the vine, it has a deep, earthy taste with just a hint of spice making for a unique fruity eLiquid.

Cherimoya – A super fruit typically only known to the Inca people of the Peruvian mountain jungles, it’s unique taste comes across as a crisp green apple coupled with a light, almost savoury custard note. This incredible combination is almost tropical in taste with a light dessert background and unlike anything you’ve ever vaped before…

Jackfruit – Of all the super fruits, Jackfruit has to be the most well known with its sweet, almost candy like taste. TBVC have taken this ripe berry from the West India Rainforest and blended its sweet and sour notes with a subtle hint of cool spearmint to create a rich, textured, all day vape juice.

Purple Mangosteen – Everything about the Purple Mangosteen is regal in stature, from its royal hue, its tropical taste and even the locals to South-East Asia know it as the Queen of fruits. You can expect a sour mango body of flavour with a creamy peach aftertaste and light note of citrus from this distinctive eLiquid by The Boring Vape Co.

Sapodilla – This superfruit is found in the mangroves of Central America, the perfect blend of sweet, savoury and spicy. Sapodilla is like having a bitter pear glazed in a light caramel and spiced to awaken your taste buds. The Boring Vape Co created a true masterpiece, unlike any eLiquid you have, or will ever try.