Strawberry Gummies – Succulent strawberry gummies filled with juicy sweet filling, Professor Green isn’t always Unruly…

Fizzy Cherry Sour – Professor Green loves sipping away on super fizzy cherry soda with an unruly hit of sour, man does it make for a tasty eliquid!

White Chocolate Peppermint – This Unruly blend of creamy white chocolate and a frosty peppermint is greater than the sum of its parts, enjoy Professor Green’s favourite eliquid!

Extra Strong Mint – He may be Unruly but, you don’t get much fresher than Professor Green! What’s his secret? Extra strong mint eliquid…

Grape Bubblegum – Even the Unruly Professor Green chews bubblegum, granted it’s a hard hitting, dark grape bubblegum but when a candy eliquid tastes this good, who can blame him?!

Pear Drops – These aren’t your nan’s pear drops, these sweet hard candies are an unruly throwback to Professor Green’s childhood and vape like a dream!